Expat survey in the world, best countries and worst countries

According to this survey, more than three out of ten Italian expats (31%) lived in three or more foreign countries before their current residence abroad. The majority of Italians move to earn more and to live in countries with greater political and economic stability. When moving abroad, the local economy, the labor market and the political situation are considered. Do-it-yourself is less and less frequent and personalized advice is recommended to optimize costs and risks. Germany and Switzerland are the two most common destinations for Italian expats. Both countries rank high in the occupational rankings, a primary factor in choice. Classic exotic destinations, such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, are also very popular. The United States remains on top of the classic dreamed countries for a life change abroad. The United Kingdom and the Nordic countries are the most coveted by young students and young couples.

Foreigners expat in Italy, looking for the Dolce Vita

Despite the economic problems, the fame of Bel Paese, means that Italy is still a popular destination: an expat on 10 declares, in fact, to have moved to Italy simply because of wanting to live. Love also plays an important role, many expats indicate that they moved for emotional reasons. To arrive in Italy, foreigners rely on professional consultants and once they arrive, they seem to find even more happiness under the Italian sun.

Bahrein Surprise
For the first time, the surprise winner is Bahrain, which rises from 19th to 1st place. Dve his victory to the splendid welcome that he reserves to his guests. The state of the gulf makes the expat easily feel at home, thanks to the hospitality of its residents. About nine out of ten expats positively assess the friendly attitude of the Bahrainis towards expat. In addition, almost three quarters of the expats in Bahrain are satisfied with their work.

And the worst destinations for expat what are they? Greece, Kuwait and Nigeria
They have been in these positions for three years, with no room for improvement. Greece is ranked last in the general classification, as well as in terms of job opportunities, personal finances and family life. In Nigeria and Kuwait, however, the struggle for the quality of life remains constant: more than two out of ten expats are unhappy with their life in general.