The exploratory trip was masterminded with the contribution of our Referents around the world, for those who want to achieve a more in-depth knowledge of a country or a specific location, in every aspect he desires, for example: those who want to permanently move, those who want to work abroad, those who want to buy a property or a business or those who want to invest.
Knowing a country from the point of view of its entertainment and because you have enjoyed it on holiday is vastly different than discovering its more or less and legally important aspects in order to live or do business there.

In comes Hexedes, taking you on a complete discovery of all our destinations and offering you the opportunity of a MINDFUL TRIP THAT WILL OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS GOALS TO THE MAX.



Costa Rica – Vivere Viaggiare Conoscere e fare Business

Realizza il tuo sogno e il tuo progetto di vita 14 Sep 2018
Con Hexedes hai l'occasione di FARE UN VIAGGIO UNICO alla scoperta delle reali opportunità di questo paese.  Come sai, per lavoro, noi di Hexedes trasformiamo i tuoi sogni e i tuoi progetti di vita e di business in REALTA' . Lo facciamo con una struttura organizzata, presente da molti anni, seguendoti passo passo e senza abbandonarti mai.  ECCO, OGGI HAI QUESTA GRANDIOSA OPPORTUNITA', UN VIAGGIO ORGANIZZATO DA HEXEDES MOLTO PARTICOLARE !
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